Enhancing EBITDA

Menawat & Co. works with small to large businesses in manufacturing and service industries. We improve their EBITDA performance during turnaround, growth or diversification phases using ProFIT-MAP™ Analytics — a Predictive Operational Analytics solution. Predictive Operational Analytics is a new and innovative way to improve operations as whole, not individual pieces, resulting in sustainable financial benefit.

Predictive Operational Analytics is the convergence of business methods, systems thinking, and dynamic analysis software to maximize performance and minimize risk. This systems analytic approach unmasks the dynamic connections between operational, supply chain and other dimensions to dramatically impact EBITDA.

We provide ProFIT-MAP™ services and software to create and sustain best possible performance. Whether it is to audit business potential, conduct M&A due diligence or for post-transaction transformation, our systems analytic approach yields the fastest business results.

Secure and Grow Profits

Maximize product and customer profitability with granular information about current and future performance. Focus on the right priorities. Bring current efforts together for better performance. Secure and grow your best business and turnaround the marginal business.

Risk and Reward

Where will the next round of improvements come from? Internal efforts support ongoing operations but cannot deliver the best possible business and process gains without a holistic approach. The risks are higher today. Reduce risk and increase ROI with a rapid systematic solution.

Rapid Holistic Approach

Our systematic approach with forward looking guidance and integrated financials ensures success. Rapidly minimize risks by evaluating multiple scenarios. Avoid disconnected actions. Change the culture to thinking in terms of customers and profit.